curl Vs Wget

This is Utility used to download files directly from the Linux command line. Though they share similar features, they aren’t exactly the same. They can make requests to the internet and download the required files. Files could be any type such as image, file or any other file types. Both programs are also capable of making HTTP POST requests, which means they can send data to a website, like filling out a form.

Wget is a single self-contained program and doesn’t require any extra libraries. Wget has the ability to download recursively, means can download everything on a page or all of the files in FTP directory. It specifies how to handle a lot of things that a normal browser would, like cookies and redirects, without the need to add any configuration.

cURL can download content from the internet and can do a lot more. libcurl is needed to power cURL. The wide range or protocols that cURL supports are probably the biggest selling point it has. cURL can access websites over HTTP and HTTPS and can handle FTP in both directions. It supports LDAP and even Samba shares. You can actually use cURL to send and retrieve email. cURL also supports gzip compression to send large amounts of data more easily. 

So the closing thoughts will be, either cURL or wget. If you want to download something quickly without needing to worry about flags, then you should go with wget. It’s simple and just works. If you want to do something more complex, cURL should be your immediate choice. The only is that a browser renders the responses that it receives, and cURL doesn’t.

The main differences are:

  • wget‘s major strong side compared to curl is its ability to download recursively.
  • wget is command line only. There’s no lib or anything, but featurescurl and is powered by libcurl.
  • curl builds and runs on more platforms than wget.
  • wget it’s released under a free software copyleft license (the GNU GPL). curl is released under a free software permissive license (a MIT derivate).
  • curl offers upload and sending capabilities. wget only offers plain HTTP POST support.
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Anup Chhetri

IT system administrator

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