How to Use Diskpart to Delete a Partition on a USB Drive in Windows 10

Diskpart utility gives the possibility to delete and create multiple partitions on a USB drive.

  • Open cmd as administrator
  • Type diskpart and hit enter.
  • Type list disk. This command will list all the hard drives attached to your computer. Be careful about selecting the right drive. Lets say USB drive is G:
  • Type select disk G.
  • There can be multiple partitions on a drive and want to list them, type list partition. This command will show all the available partitions on a drive.
  • Go to the respective partition by typing select partition XX and hit enter. Example: select partition 0
  • Type delete partition and hit enter. This will delete the partition 0.
  • Repeat the same steps for deleting other partitions. Now Your USB is without any partition.
  • After deleting all the partitions, type create partition primary and hit enter.
use diskpart to delete partition on usb drive in windows 10
Diskpart for managing partition

Anup Chhetri

IT system administrator

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